My three year old caught me by surprise yesterday morning. He charmed me, really.

He said: “Mommy, I’m growing up!”

I felt conflicted, and thought “my baby is growing up, changing…already establishing an independence, moving away from me. Waaahhhh!”

I didn’t respond at first, too busy mourning.

So he said: “Mommy, I said I’m growing up!”

And I said: “I know, sweetie!” You are getting to be a big boy.”

And then…the best. He said: “Yep! I’m NOT growing down!”

He’s still my baby. For a little while, at least.

3 thoughts on “Literally.

  1. M,
    I love what they say to us, and also what we get to say back to them, in answer to their questions or actions. Just yesterday, my Ava (2+) on Mr. Peanut:

    “Wha he wearwin?”
    “He’s got a hat and glasses, and he’s using a cane.”
    “Wha cwose he wearwin?”
    “He isn’t wearing clothes.”
    “How tum?”
    “Well, peanuts don’t usually wear clothes.”

    Or the ever-necessary: “Don’t put your mouth on that.”
    “Because handrails (insert any bacteria-laden public item or piece of foot apparel here) aren’t food.”

    Now, this isn’t a good explanation of whyyyy you shouldn’t lick those things, but I find the more scientific I get, the less they listen. In fact, the fewer words I use, the more they listen. I’m turning into SoundByte Mom! Taking a lesson from the above lesson, I’ll close.

    See you soon,



  2. Swimming in the ocean with my two kids the other day (10 & 12) and it suddenly struck me: I am really going to miss you guys oneday. Even though you will still be the same people, you won’t be my little kids anymore.
    The thought made me stay in the water for an extra hour!


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