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Good advice for writers:

Find an agent at

WRITER’S DIGEST HAS NAMED THE TOP 101 SITES FOR WRITERS. I’ve checked most of the out, and many of them are great:

Short story formatting:


Style Guide:

Black hole of responses:


On craft:


Agents to avoid–SCAMMERS: List lifted from Absolute Writer Water Cooler @

-The Abacus Group Literary Agency
-Allred and Allred Literary Agents (refers clients to “book doctor” Victor West of
-Pacific Literary Services)
-Capital Literary Agency (formerly American Literary Agents of Washington, Inc.)
-Barbara Bauer Literary Agency
-Benedict & Associates (also d/b/a B.A. Literary Agency)
-Sherwood Broome, Inc.
-Desert Rose Literary Agency
-Arthur Fleming Associates
-Finesse Literary Agency (Karen Carr)
-Brock Gannon Literary Agency
-Harris Literary Agency
-The Literary Agency Group, which includes the following:
Children’s Literary Agency
Christian Literary Agency
New York Literary Agency
Poets Literary Agency
The Screenplay Agency
Stylus Literary Agency (formerly ST Literary Agency)
Writers Literary & Publishing Services Company (the editing arm of the above-mentioned agencies)

-Martin-McLean Literary Associates
-Mocknick Productions Literary Agency, Inc.
-B.K. Nelson, Inc.
-The Robins Agency (Cris Robins)
-Michele Rooney Literary Agency (also d/b/a Creative Literary Agency and Simply Nonfiction)
-Southeast Literary Agency
-Mark Sullivan Associates
-West Coast Literary Associates (also d/b/a California Literary Services)

Other scams to beware for novellas, novels, dribble, shorts, screenplays, etc.:


2 thoughts on “For writers

  1. M,
    In the past few days I’ve been writing in my character’s voice for the first time, and trying to push it out to its boundaries. Also, since she’s 15, I’ve been conscious of her tone and vocabulary…and since the plot isn’t in firm jello consistency, its hard to know how she should sound like she’s feeling…ACK!

    Actuelment, I’m having a great time and go into a sort of trace mode when I’m writing it..and trying to trust that through continuing to write it, the rest will become clear.

    I hear “mommmeeeeee…” so better jet.



  2. Cool site MJ. Great resource page. I’ve been writing non-fic full time for the last 6-7 years and am considering trying my hand at a little fiction.

    I won’t “hot link” to my blogs, but if you want to look me up you’ll find me at one of these: – Religious Vulgarity – Lies about my personal life – My Creative Derivative Writing Blog


    Kevin Scott


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