Of a certain age.

I got the news this morning that my grandfather has passed away.  He was the last of my four grandparents…all of whom have died within the last six months.  They were all of an age…all in their 80’s.  Still, eighty-odd years is not all that long a time, is it?

I remember each of these people as vivacious persons…individuals with opinions and hopes and goals.  It is difficult to understand at times that they are all gone, off of the earth, away.

Death always reminds us of how fleeting our time really is.  It makes me hope to leave a lasting imprint on others while I can.  And, as cliche as it may seem, it beckons me to share my affections outwardly with those in my life, to say you are special to me while I can.

Thanks for reading my blog, dear reader.  I hope your day is lovely.

8 thoughts on “Of a certain age.

  1. Sorry to hear that Mary. I really agree about the fleeting time thing.

    My grandmother passed away a few years ago and I still think about her a lot. She was the most selfless, caring, person I have ever known and died way too young (79). The planet will always be a little darker without her.


  2. I’m sorry to hear that. 80-some years is a nice long life, and from what you say, it seems like they were healthy and happy years. I hope that’s a blessing and a comforting thought in a sad time for you.


  3. Mary,
    I’m sorry to read of your loss. At 94, my great aunt died last Christmas Eve, with myself and my mother at her side. She was a real kick in the pants, a highly educated and outspoken educator with a love of life and learning. She’s my inspiration. I call on her in my mind when I need some of that spirit to get me through, and she does encourage me, from her place in mind and heart. They’re gone, but not forgotten.


  4. ((( MaryJune ))) I’m so sorry to hear of your grandfather’s passing. My sincerest condolences to you and your family! My personal belief is that you already ARE leaving a lasting ‘mark’ on the world, as you raise that little one into a fine human being – and with your words…where ever they are in print.


  5. I’m so sorry to read about your loss Mary. I know how sad you must be. I wish everyday that I still had my grandparents here with me. I have wonderful memories as I’m sure you do with yours. Miss you!


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