On publishing.

I am a member of an online critique group that has done me a lot of good: you send your work in, and you have access to hundreds of readers who will critique your work (the catch–you have to critique theirs!).

On one of the forums, I read that placing your short stories in publications with little monetary pay is considered (to some) a mistake. But, in the short-fiction world, professional short-story rates can be a whopping $100, and sometimes even much less.

So, I’ve decided that placing stories in journals where there is the chance (no matter how minute!) of exposure and/or nominations to prizes such as the prestigious Pushcart or O.Henry are worth more in the end that a few bucks. And, one gets savvy to the ways of the publishing world through practice, so if you are indeed placing stories to non-paying markets, chin up. In my experience, these markets are not easy (at all!) to get into and their acceptance rates are not significantly higher than paying markets. You’d be surprised how many rejections one can rack up from non-paying markets alone. Lots.

Now, when it comes to a novel…that’s a whole different animal.

One thought on “On publishing.

  1. I guess it all depends on what you’re after. I agree it makes sense to submit to non-paying places if it gets your name out there. I’m just happy if people get to read what I write.


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