The hard stuff.

My kids’ pediatrician has a saying, “What is easy becomes hard.  What is hard becomes easy.”

He’s referring to things like having your baby in a crib versus letting your baby sleep next to you.  It’s hard to let a baby “cry it out”–but it becomes easier.  If you let your baby sleep in the big bed…that’s easy for a while (no tears!), but it becomes hard when they are big enough that they are taking up a lot of space.  Think about this concept in relationship to pacifiers–easy at first, but it can be hard to take a pacificer away from a four year old!

So, I’ve used this notion as a guiding principles when it comes to child-rearing.

But, I realize it has a place in my own life, as well.  From self-control in eating, to writing on a regular basis, to cleaning the house…what is hard becomes easy.  Taking the easy way out will eventually demand it’s payment.

One thought on “The hard stuff.

  1. Maybe I should use that as my motto for working out 🙂 Because man, I hate it and it sure would be easier to sit on my butt instead.


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