You’ve got to (re)work.

The piece I recently submitted to The Rose and Thorn was just accepted. This was a story that I wrote and re-wrote, and re-re-wrote. In some ways, it scarcely resembled the original story, but it was infinitely better for all the time I put into it.

Moral: When a story isn’t coming together, if you don’t love it…don’t trash it. Put it away, come back to it. The more inspired pieces will be salvageable, and you may be able to make a little magic out of it.

8 thoughts on “You’ve got to (re)work.

  1. you are on fire mjb! Congratulations!

    I’m going to stop submitting stories that get posted on the web and start sending them out to actual publishers now. Any advice on how to begin searching for a good fit? I have a Duotrope account now. What’s my next step?


  2. Congratulations again. Here we are giving the stuff away for free and you are getting published and paid for it. I with caveblogem on where to start (though I guess having a marketable story would help 🙂 )


  3. Struggling…oh, please! Let me disabuse you of the notion that you make money publishing stories…unequivocably, you DO NOT. You get a nominal amount to buy the rights, but believe me when I tell you…it’s nothing spectacular. Still, the “pay” is in the credits…in the love you feel/get for being published.

    TotalTrans…hey! GOOD FOR YOU!! I’m really happy for you…that’s what I’m talkin’ about!



  4. Hi, MaryJune! Congrats on your recent successes. Just yesterday my first published article came out in our industry magazine. Only about 2500 readers but hey, it’s something! LOL 🙂


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