I’ve taken to brainstorming for 20 minutes every night: ideas, settings, dialogue, mannerisms, etc., for the novel.

Then, I go to sleep.

So, I’ve had some intense, vivid dreams these last few nights, leftovers from the brainstorming sessions.  I’m trying to capture these dreams in the morning when I wake up, but it’s not easy: we’re talking STRANGE dreams here.  I’m hopeful that I can glean something from them to help with the book.

As Thoreau said: Go confidently in the direction of your dreams.

4 thoughts on “Dreamstorming.

  1. I’ve had an strange dream last night too, maryjune: I was hearing the immense tongue of Sirius rolling down through space as he followed the Huntsman of Heaven in pursuit of false star-dwarfs wich had turned back to Huquol.
    ‘Who is Huquol?”, I asked my Grandma.
    “Darkness -she said- uncreated light, the time-lag, the mass-mind, the davil… This is where the Star-born goes back, after his failure on earth, where his companion has been Wanhope, an outcast spirit, who is Christ. Look, this is where Wanhope is transformed.”
    “Come”, said Wanhope, in a strange voice. “Arise and fear not, O my brother”.
    The next scene brings in Vincent van Gogh, Shelley, Byron, Beethoven, Shakespeare, Poe, Wagner and other poets and artists.
    That’s was the end, yes; and I was not afraid at all. What do you think on this dream, maryjune?
    Thank you.
    P.S. How’s your book getting on, the fantasy?


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