Ready, set —

Well, I got a couple more short-story acceptances over the weekend.  This was great news, and frankly, it’s the shot from the gun.  I’ve been listening for it: the sound of, “on your mark…get set…” write that novel.

And the cool thing is:  I AM ready and set.  So, here goes.

Wish me luck!

4 thoughts on “Ready, set —

  1. Go get ’em. I’m trying to work up the courage (and figure out how) to send off a POD project I did to potential publishers. I’m tired of people looking at me with a sorry-you-couldn’t-get-anyone-to-publish-it look on their face. Whatever.

    “And they’re off . . . ” Oh, that’s horse racing. Sorry. 🙂


  2. Mary,
    Hooray! The combination of writing a novel and continuing to write and send out stories is a good one. There’s a real richness to working a longer piece, on a big idea. At the same time, the stories can sustain your publishing and act as a relief from the novel when you need it. You’re on your way!



  3. Care to tell us about your novel plans?

    There definitely is a difference in scope between short stories and novels. Case in point: Jhumpa Lahiri. Her stories in “Interpreter of Maladies” are great, her first novel “The Namesake” is a short-story idea she blew up into a novel – with the result that it is an overblown short story 🙂


  4. James—nope…it’s not that i’m unwilling to share, it’s that I cannot. I’m still in the earliest stages, plotting, dreaming, thinking. You’ll just have to read my blog to find out more! : )
    Yes, I know shorts are different than novels. I intend to keep at the short stories because they allow me a certain tone and voice–the novel will have a different “feel” to it…hopefully!


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