Where’s the Motivation?

I think, sometimes, that I’m a bit nuts.

I had decided to submit a short story to The First Line and they had a deadline of February 1st.  While I had written the story and only needed to do the very, very last fine-tuning, I still couldn’t help but wonder what it is about writers–such as myself–who put themselves under the gun this way.

It’s almost like being back in college, except that you assign yourself your own work…with the very slim chance that there’ll be any reward (besides the obvious:  WOOT! I wrote a story! ).

I read a profile of a businesswoman yesterday, and the one thing that stood out for me was this: when asked what her secret to success was, she said, “Never, ever, ever give up! Never give up! NEVER!”  It impacted me because a writer really needs a great deal of self-motivation to keep going.  You have to have that “don’t give up” mantra going in your head.  It’s so easy to let it (the writing) fall away, ease up…dwindle to nothing.

So, if you are writer, and you are tired or downtrodden or discouraged or uninspired or struggling–I’ll be your cheerleader today: Never Give Up.

One thought on “Where’s the Motivation?

  1. My problem is I can only work if there is a deadline. Otherwise, I just put off the writing and never complete it. I think the reason I compete in so many writing contests and such is that there is that looming deadline, motivating me to write. This is probably why I have yet to complete a novel.


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