Here’s the Motivation.

So, my prior post…see below, was all about finding the motivation to keep on writing.

Well, I found the best motivation.  It’s that thing called an email from a literary journal or a magazine…or anyone, really…who says, “yes! we love this! We want everyone to read it.”  I just got a great email with words to that effect (minus the exclamation points, mind you). I had submitted a short story and it was accepted yesterday.

(waiting politely for the applause to stop before I continue) 

If there is something that will push you forward, it’s this: take the rejections in stride, but man…savor those acceptances. They are pure gold motivation for the spirit.

3 thoughts on “Here’s the Motivation.

  1. Hey, OscarMacSweeny…I don’t put my stories on my blog because then they are considered “published”–and then I can’t submit them. Sooooo…when it comes out, I’ll post a link and people can read the story there.
    Thanks for visiting my blog!


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