Addiction at the cellular level.

I washed my jeans on the hot cycle.

With my cell phone in the pocket.

I called my cellular company, whose general attitude was “Too bad, suckah!”  I spent several hours online looking for a replacement phone.  I went through serious cell phone withdrawls, complete with the shakes and cold sweats.

Like eMail, I’m hyper-dependant on my cell phone.  I call my husband, friends, son’s school., work, pizza delivery, doctor’s offices, prescription refill service…all on the fly, from the driver’s seat of my car.  I multi-task shamelessly.  I call myself–leaving long messages on my home phone with reminders, grocery lists, ideas for books to write someday.

I’m getting a new phone today, and I can’t wait.  If loving my cell phone is wrong…well, I don’t wanna be a-riiight.

2 thoughts on “Addiction at the cellular level.

  1. I guess the perspective is how the cell phone is used. Personally, when I had one for work; it felt more like a leash. I couldn’t go anywhere where I was running free. Having had jobs where on-call is REQUIRED is worse. The leash seems even shorter.

    It’s nice to have the security of a cell phone while traveling in case you needed to reach someone in case of an emergency. However, it can also be liberating to shut that sucker off sometimes.


  2. You are absolutely right. If I worked a job where they were calling me…ugh…I’d hate that. But I love the freedom it gives me to be able to take care of things from my car. But even so…there are times when I love turning it off!


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