A trick.

The cusp draws footsteps, hands reaching out ahead to feel the open air where all below is unknown. Here, on the rock face, time stops its sweeping and fire replaces stagnant air. Here, anxiety and anticipation become indiscernible; they face each other in mighty battle.

It is only one mere step—that drop below—and the urge to retreat radiates an influence that is not to be dismissed. “Dive! Dive,” a voice calls up, and with closed eyes, I—



Wait, what?  


Silly, I don’t give away these things so easily. Not in a blog, anyway.


2 thoughts on “A trick.

  1. there is no fairness in this!
    A soldier / paratrooper? A firefighter working a forest fire from a high cliff area? A climber / rescue worker trying to rescue a stranded climber trapped in a blazing inferno? A group of face jumpers trying to outrun the pursuit of a raging wildfire? As the climbers reached the summit of the long dormant volcano it suddenly erupted, unleashing hell on earth?! It really is not nice to titillate and then not further accomadate!


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