July 9, 2008

I became motivated to write today…my novel stretched out it’s rough fingers and tapped me on my bare arm, saying, “Lady, your casual behavior toward me is an insult.”

My novel is right. I owe it something for giving me so much–purpose, understanding of self, exploration, a place to vent and weep and feel and love and create and drop my poise, reach for something, give something, move in trance, awaken, fulfill the ego, impress you, impress me, become bigger than the myriad parts that make me up, exist on screen, live on paper, hope for more, become fabulous, exude heat and charisma, receive insight, twist and turn and massage into accurate expression, perceive and be perceived, imagine my face on a slick jacket (what would my eyes say in that picture?), my name in bold along the seductive spine of the book itself.

Yes, little novel…I owe you.

4 Responses to “Idle/Wild.”

  1. And, wait until you finish it — it’s a truly magical moment. : )



  2. Happy to see you back blogging more regularly.

    “my novel stretched out its rough fingers and tapped me on my bare arm” – great.

    If the novel is as well-written as this, the sky’s the limit…


  3. I’m with you on that. I have put my novel off a bit, but am finding myself motivated again.


  4. Ted Kennedy said

    You are truly a very well spoken, well written, intelligent person. You need to focus on this book we’ve all been patiently awaiting and get it completed! I myself am anxiously awaiting a copy to read!


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