Truly a civil servant.

February 11, 2008

Posed for my civil servant card today. Can one be a starving writer and a servant to the public at once? I hope so. Trying to keep up with my writing, but “real” work interferes. Here I am…respectable worker. This is the pic on my namebadge. I don’t know if this girl looks like a struggling, passionate writer…but inside, she is…she is!


3 Responses to “Truly a civil servant.”

  1. Ted Kennedy said

    WOW! If you ever cut your hair, I’ll shoot myself


  2. Nice picture! One of my best is from an old Costco card. They somehow captured me.


  3. Iself said

    Good luck with your double role!

    I’ve been in the same boat for years and years 🙂


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