Remembering the way it never was.

December 26, 2007

This morning, between a bout of tantrums and refereeing, and hearing myself screech, “I said get your shoes on! I’m counting to three now!”–I had a powerful memory of my younger, single, childless days.

I  remembered the sweet simplicity of lolling in bed, of watching the news without any demand on me to get up and get the kids moving…I remembered what it was to jump into my car and drive to the nearby coffee place for a cup…I remembered the freedom FREEDOM of my life, the way it was.

Except it wasn’t. It does a soul good to remember that sometimes, the good old days never really were. Yes, there was spontaneity and there were casual moments sitting in a cafe and reading…but there was stress, and loneliness, and frustration, and monotony. So as the New Year approaches, let us all be thankful for the present moments in our lives…they are precious indeed.

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  1. kaitlyn said

    Mary, how true. And I think when we do experience those rare moments of freedom of the variety that we imagine we used to have, they are sweeter for the contrast to our daily lives. When I walk down a crisp cold sidewalk at night with my husband, on the way to a movie long anticipated, and see the other patrons gathered on the sidewalk to read the marquis, I get a breath of pleasure I never did when all I did was go to movies, like, whenever.

    PS: how is your job going? would love to hear more about it on the private email.


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