Novel thoughts.

Last night I attended my writing group, and was blown away by the material that was presented by the other writers .  Something funny happened, though: instead of feeling down and out about not being “as good as”–I felt exhilerated and recharged by the fact that these “ordinary” folk are just walking around town like normal citizens, but they are actually…NOVELISTS.  Real novelists (or they will be as soon as the manuscripts are done).

It’s wonderful to be in a live community of writers.  It’s inspiring, demanding…it brings writing into your life in a way that simply wordsmithing just can’t do.

I love blogging and the online readers here…thanks for visiting.  But, if you are serious about writing, I suggest you find a face-to-face group of people to share with.  It adds to your experience in a unique and meaningful way.  You share in real-time, and the gratification is real-time…and lingers on.

2 thoughts on “Novel thoughts.

  1. The group I belong to has really helped me stay motivated and encouraged me to write more.

    Even though I am not published yet, it is still a very nice feeling to say that I have written a novella…and recently, many short stories.

    Hopefully, the momentum to write more will continue…




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