Rejection dejection.

So I submitted a short story to somewhere around 10 different publications…rejected by all. It’s really disheartening.

There are a lot of really excellent writers out in the world, and it’s too bad that there’s such competition for space. What a joy if there was room enough in the magazines and publications for everyone to showcase their work. Sort of begs the question…are there enough readers out there for large amounts of good work to be published? It’s an issue of supply and demand, I think, and in the end, there may not be enough demand. Anyway, that’s my rationalization for being declined.

I think in some ways it’s hardest to get a rejection that states, “You are such a great writer, blah blah blah, however we only have X amount of pages and so have to make some hard decisions. Good luck with placing your work!” Ugh.

So, January is halfway through, and my New Year’s goal of publishing a short is still not realized. I’m kidding. I’ve got 11 and a half months to go…wish me luck.

3 thoughts on “Rejection dejection.

  1. There aren’t a lot of readers out there, unfortunately. Particularly for short stories, which seems to be a genre that is particularly difficult to break into.

    I entered two (on-line) writing contests last week, Mary, and they were nowhere near as competitive as actual print publishers. I think that this was a pretty good first step for me. I didn’t want to face the cruelty of an actual print publication rejection quite yet. And at least people will read my work and comment upon it.

    I was a little disheartened to learn that I didn’t even place in the top ten in either, but I’m trying to shrug it off. I think I can do better, improve. And far better writers than I can’t pay the bills that way. Keep at it. Keep your chin up. And yo might want to consider some of these online contests.


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