It’s happening.

Well, it is happening–I’m officially getting old. Today I actually berated someone over the phone for “poor customer service” and then complained for half an hour about it to anyone who’d listen.
Me: I can’t believe people these days. What happened to The Customer always being right? People just don’t care anymore. Nobody cares about doing a good job. (scowl)

Polite Listener: Mmmhmm. (They say “mmmhmm, but they are thinking “you sound just like my crotchety old grandmother.”)

I don’t know when it happened…this sensitivity of mine to not being treated well by operators, clerks, salespeople. I turned to my husband after my unsuccessful phone call and he smiled. I used to let it roll off me–little things like this–but I’m getting cranky.

I distinctly remember being 21 and working for an insurance company. Folks would call up and complain about their claims being denied, or their paperwork getting lost. I’d think to myself: geez, get a life! It’s Thursday…only one day ’til the weekend. Woo Hoo! Par-ty!

Now I’m that complaining adult on the other end…ugh.  I don’t like it. (scowl)