Some personal faves.

I thought it would be fascinating for you, dear reader, to see what a few of my favorite websites are.

Just kidding. You probably don’t care…and that’s just fine, but here are some anyway.  Drumroll…in no particular order:  —> obviously. I tried other blogs, e.g., vox, blogspot…this one worked best for me. It’s easy and clean, no ads on the pages…I keep finding new ways to search, and I’ve found a great blog community here. —> I dunno. I keep coming back to it. I’ve tried other email, but I like this. —> to read reviews of books prior to buying them. —> to get a job, or to sell just about anything. —> if you write for a living, you already know this site. If you want to write for a living, you’ve got to go here. —> for writers; a great index of various publications that take submissions, includes information regarding pay and response times. —> I just have to say…I LOVE THIS SITE. Really cool makeup reviews. If you are into makeup, you’ll love makeupalley. If not, don’t go here, you’ll be bored silly. But, for me…makeup is a habit I indulge in on a regular basis. I review everything I wear on makeupalley and I read reviews of various cosmetics and skin treatments prior to purchasing them. —> this is a website showcasing your most celebrated celebrities who wear outrageously ugly clothing. This site amuses me.—> same concept as gofugyourself (see above), but with an emphasis on terrible plastic surgery on the Hollywood set. —> lists hundreds of companies and how to dial your phone so that you can actually speak with a human, bypassing the automated voice system. —> you may or may not know this about me, but I know almost every single Golden Girls episode by heart. I don’t really understand why, but the show has a tremendous appeal…it cheers me up. Bea Arthur is my favorite “girl” and I like her in general. I go to this site often to see what she’s doing and in the hope that she’ll come to the Bay Area. I’d love to go see her. –> oh, how to describe? McSweeney’s Internet Tendency…a great site for the literati, or for you if you like to be amused. —> take a look if you are into contracting/writing. A great resource for freelancers. —> a list of common errors in English usage. A resource for writers, and also for every American…so much of what you thought was English isn’t. —> for the inner Catholic in me, this is a resource on how to pray the rosary, etc. Very informative. —> great fonts database. —> you can create your own merchandise here. Pretty cool. –> an easy place to look up various child behaviors and get a quick synopsis of how other parent’s deal with them. —> when we went through our home remodel, one of the trickiest things was findinga reputable dealer for granite. If you have granite in your home, this is such a wonderful resource. So many people mistreat their granite without knowing it—this is a user-friendly guide to help you keep yours perfect.

Okay, so there you have it.  There’s about 100 others I go to frequently, but I thought I’d randomly throw some out there.  What are your favorites?

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