I had to look for you on the world map. I had to know exactly where on earth you are.

(I fell in love with you so quickly; it’s been two weeks.)

You are unwell. From moment to moment, I think maybe you can withstand this sickness, maybe you will survive. But the disease is so aggressive, so unwieldy, maniac even. And we do not know which new lesions will form, and spread throughout your body.

Watching you grow worse, I say your name over and over, with a broken heart, tears in my eyes. I have watched as you have been pulled away from Humanity, have watched as your basic needs and desires have been ruined; I have wondered if the end would come today, every day – but you do not succumb.

I have dreamt of you, thrown what money I can at you, sobbed for you. I see blue and I think of you at the Sea of Azov. And, as I see you swathed in lemon, it makes me think of hope. Blue and yellow: courage.

You valiant, valiant lionheart, you refuser to Power, you David holding a sword defiantly to Goliath. May God bless you, I pray.

Pray with me:

Dear God, my God,

Please protect and bless the body of Ukraine. I give you all my worries, all my anxiety, about the evil and destructive advance of inhumanity and violence shown to the world through the atrocities in Ukraine. Please hear my prayer and help me and others balance the fight between good and evil in modern times. Please show me any way that I can be used for good. Please take the pain and the suffering and convert it to something good. Please let me see your Glory even in the face of this struggle. Let me give strength and comfort to others and finally, please deliver the miracle of peace to those suffering. Amen.

Ukraine, my heart is with you.


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