Resolution: she sees the future.

2013. Like her girlhood self, in the 80s, the 90s, centurion, she makes promises to do things. Only this year, they are simple and humble oaths. They are:

1. Forget

2. Move forward

3. Give love

4. Accept love (if offered)

5. Be honest

6. Be accountable

(The past’s roll call: Understand? Absent. Fix? Absent.)

There is one year, this year, and she will grab it in both hands, bangles sliding up and down her wrists, clinking and making merry music. She will shake the year until its teeth rattle, until it gives up its secrets and the fissures crack wholly open, and all heart-staggering joy and promise are right there for the taking. She will gather all the pieces of what is possible, stretching in the largest sun salutation to thank God for the chances of 2012, the experiences vast and valiant, the fulfillment more vibrant than she had ever imagined, right there.