The vanity.

The vanity of blogs is that the writer supposes that the reader cares about the inner working of the poster’s mind. The vanity of (some) readers is that they imagine themselves somewhere between the lines of the sentences. If I write that this post is aimed at a reader somewhere across oceans, a reader somewhere might think, “I’m an ocean away. This is about me!” Perhaps that reader is correct, but often, the reader cannot know the truth. Suffice it to say…this blog is dedicated to the myriad influences in my life, and is in no way a journal aimed at any one person. That would be much too much, and much too simple.

(You’re so vain. You probably think this blog is about you.)

In other news, I’ve recently done a revamp of my writing submissions through In doing so, I dredged up some writing I drafted years ago. It’s exciting to revisit it and I may be posting some of it here soon, or on my alter-ego blog…facebook.