The novel that won’t say goodbye.

June 28, 2007

I’d stopped writing my novel for a couple of months–it wasn’t going anywhere. yes, There were words on a page, but I’d lost my enthusiasm for it, which I’m (unfortunately) apt to do.

However, a strange thing happened. It came back to me. Came roaring back, asked me if I missed it, seduced me back into it’s web. So here I go again. Again. Again.

One of these days, I swear, I’m going to finish the thing.

4 Responses to “The novel that won’t say goodbye.”

  1. Mary, you just described most of the stories longer than 1000 words that I have attempted. I haven’t deleted anything, but I have a whole mess of story attempts just sitting there waiting for endings.

    I’m glad you felt inspired again.


  2. sauvik said

    keep it up buddy!!! i would go through some of ur pages…



  3. stjarna67 said

    I haven’t been inspired to write for some time now. However, during lunch hour at work, I had this sudden urge to write….so I went with it.

    I have the first paragraph of a short story inspired by a song from Echo & The Bunnymen, called “Bring On The Dancing Horses.” The last verse repeats:

    “Bring On The New Messiah. Whereever he may roam.”

    Only the New Messiah in my short story is an average, non-descript 10 year old boy who lives in rural Ohio. He does miraculous things, except that only people in his hometown know of his powers. Alternately titled “The Messiah That Know One Knew About”…..

    StrugglingWriter is right. Hold onto all the little pieces for inspiration later.



  4. Sometimes I find it’s necessary to take “time out” from a piece of writing. New ideas arrive, the previously written parts may take on new perspectives. Nothing to worry about. Good that you’re ready to go on!


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