Vacation–All I Ever Wanted.

So we just got back from Maui.  Totally gorge. 

I can think of nothing, really nothing, as welcome as lazing by a pool, with the ocean next door, with nothing to do except keep an eye out on the kids.   Oh, and napping! And cocktails, too, of course.  I want to say that I am totally reinvigorated…ready to start writing, full of energy for putting pen to paper and creating.  But I’d be lying, big time.

See, strolling about in the sun really just makes me want to do more of it, more relaxing, more indulging.  Writing is hard work, as you all probably know.  I’ve got to get back to it, but for today…I’m just going to bask in the residual glow of my vacation.  Ahhhhhh.

6 thoughts on “Vacation–All I Ever Wanted.

  1. Ro! I can’t believe you left a comment. 🙂
    You lurker, now I can prove you’ve been here…hee hee.
    Thanks for the welcome, mary


  2. Welcome back…..and yes, writing is hard work. But now you have me thinking if one can get blisters on their brain from thinking too hard with writing. =)


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