Terrible twos? What about this?

Why are they called the Terrible Twos?

My eldest is three and a half–an age where he is establishing his independence and where whining has become a hard habit to break.

The tantrums have subsided…thank you thank you…but the whining! I think this particular tone of voice is unbearable. The exchanges are equally frustrating. Here’s an example:

Mommy! I neeeeed my milk cup!

Son, it’s right there (I point to the table where son is sitting)

Mommmmmmmmyy! YOU GET IT FOR ME!

Are you kidding? Pick it up. It’s RIGHT THERE!


Then the time-outs begin. Ah…the Terrific Threes.

7 thoughts on “Terrible twos? What about this?

  1. This made me laugh out loud and not because I found it funny (which, btw, I did, but not in a funny haha way) but because I’ve had the same conversation with my now 4 year old over and over and over again. Oh yeah, at 4, will still have the whining but now EVERYTHING is a debate.


  2. Flumux them by switching the debate round to existentialism from a mechanical ants perspective…hopefully the stunned silence will give you some relief. lol


  3. Thanks, guys, for your comments…you made me laugh!
    OOOH–I dread the debates!
    Struggling–oooh, you are in for a ride, believe me.
    Dirk–yes, I may get a moment of relief, but it’d be followed by 100 “why?” questions. UGH!


  4. mjb, it was always the 1/2s for ours. All the way up to 5 1/2. We’d get lulled into a false sense of security. “What’s so terrible about the twos,” we’d say. And then at two years and six months, wham!


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