Still here!

Several days since my last post, but indeed I am still here.  I just finished (finally) the letters of John Steinbeck…which he wrote during his authorship of East of Eden.  I am so inspired by him!

Writers, get this: he actually had to hold his word count down.  He was afraid of going too fast, of not being thoughtful and thorough.  I love that he had to slow himself down.  It makes my 250 words a day seem a-ok.

3 thoughts on “Still here!

  1. I had to read the book for a class and I was so inspired by it I wrote a good term paper and gave away my book to someone whom I felt needed it. I don’t know if this person will ever appreciate my gesture but I think that it was the right thing to do… because as Lee tells Cal thou mayest rule over sin.


  2. I remember reading Something Steinbeck said about writing being a real struggle, that he had to really force himself to do each word. It contrasted a lot with what many writers say about characters and stories taking on a life of their own, with the writer acting as a recorder.

    In a way, I admired him a lot more after reading that.


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