When the weather is good…

…there is nothing quite like San Francisco on a February day, when the sky is a bright, cerulean blue.  It’s almost as though the tall buildings in downtown are part of a movie set, so perfect they are against the backdrop of fluffy cottonball clouds.

I wax this way because I just got back from the City.  It was a gorgeous day, complete with a picnic in North Beach and warm breeze at Washington Square Park.  On the way home, the Golden Gate stood out from the sky like a bonfire.

Sometimes, like today, I am just struck with how fortunate we Bay Area folk are…with our bridges and our coffee and our museums and parks and Italian restaurants and our bay views and the music, the backroads, the artisans and the bakeries, and the farmers markets and the shows and the —

Oh, it’s a sweet, sweet place to call home.

One thought on “When the weather is good…

  1. Ahhhh…you paint such a beautiful picture with your words. I haven’t been to SF for ages, but remember it as a truly inspiring city. You are truly blessed….!!!!


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