Rejections big and small.

February 12, 2007

What kind of rejection is worse? The anonymous, “no thanks” kind or the kind that praises your writing, but rejects it anyway?

I really don’t know.

However, I just read t his rejection from a Chinese publisher (from Louis Zufofsky’s “A“):

Most honorable Sir,

We perused your manuscript with boundless delight. And we hurry to swear by our ancestors we have never read any other that equals its mastery. Were we to publish your work, we could never presume again on our public and name to print books of a standard not up to yours. For we cannot imagine that the next ten thousand years will offer its ectype. We must therefore refuse your work that shines as it were in the sky and beg you a thousand times to pardon our fault which impairs but our own offices. — Publishers.


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  1. Haven’t looked at “A” in a long, long time even though I still have it around.

    I don’t remember this passage, but then I wonder if anybody’s ever managed to read all of “A” …

    (Please visit my blog if you feel like it.)


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