I challenge you.

So, I’m writing a short story to enter in the The First Line.  This is a print publication that provides you the “first line” of a short story, and you go from there.  Make it anywhere between 300 and 3,000 words. Entries are due on February 1, 2007.  The first line?  It is:

In Pigwell, time is not measured by days or weeks but by the number of eighteen wheelers that drive past my house.

All kinds of images come to mind.  For more information, go here:   http://www.thefirstline.com/index.htm

Go to it.

3 thoughts on “I challenge you.

  1. I’d love to, maryjunebrown, but I haven’t finished another story for a contest that ends the 31st. As it is I think I will be revising until the last possible minute. Are you going to be entering the contest at The Moon Topples (themoontopples.blogspot.com)? It begins on February 1, when he issues the prompt, and ends exactly one week later (500 words).


  2. I like these short challenges with a deadline, but today I’m working on the novel–I’ve been out of it for a few days and as work has begun again, I’m grasping at any chance to get butt in chair and continue. There are quite a few contests around right now–short shorts. It’s so cool!


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