Yeah, but can you go the distance?

So you can write…you can write beautiful words that wrap the reader in some kind of memory, or make the reader imagine something new.

You can craft language that can make someone weep…or laugh aloud. Or reread the words, or cut them out and put them up.

You can write. But can you do it for a sustained amount of time?

I can’t, not really. I can write the odd wonderful paragraph. I can compose a short story that *might* be Great. But, what I really want is to be a novelist, and that is a different animal altogether. It’s the long-distance run that I am wanting to finish; the sprints are, in the end, no longer satisfying.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Finish the novel, for Crikey’s sake.

3 thoughts on “Yeah, but can you go the distance?

  1. 🙂 WriteOn! I can so relate. I just finished my second year as a Nanowrimo contestant. 2005 had me ending my novel at 8000 words. 2006, I wrote 20,000 more. Not nearly enough for the 50K finish line, but progress none the less!


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