Something in the mail.


Like so many, I correspond primarily through eMail these days.  When I think of “getting the mail”–I think of going out to the mailbox to get the daily bills, and (yipee!) coupons. 

But the other day, a mysterious package showed up, and I opened it to find the coolest “mail.”  A friend who has a son with her Nicaraguan husband had sent it to me.  Her son had outgrown his Guayabera shirts, and because she knows I have a fondness for these particular shirts, she sent them on to me.  These cotton and linen shirts are made in Latin American countries and have an ethnic feel and look to them that appeals to me.

I love unusual things that come in the mail.  Happily, there are people spread throughout California, a great couple in Washington state (we miss you!), my dad and his wife in Missouri, who love my kids and send them delightful packages and cards throughout the year.  It is such fun to receive these gifts and missives, to open up the package and find…a t-shirt from Notre Dame, a beautiful handmade blanket, a toy or book picked out with one of the kids in mind.  Such thought and effort!

But back to the shirts I got on Friday.  Here is a picture of Gregory in a Guayabera (cute, right?).  So much nicer than a utility bill or a reminder that I’m due for an eye exam. 

Something special in the mail.