Tradition dictates that I ponder some things to be grateful for in the year past.  A (very) short list:

  • +My children and their health.
  • +My husband–his health restored.
  • +My health.
  • +My family, who love me.
  • +My friends, whom I love.
  • +My country. God Bless America.
  • +My comfy bed…where I lay my head.   I am thankful for every minute of sleep I get.
  • +Coffee and the caffeine it contains, to keep me awake all the other minutes.  Thanks, too, to my dear husband for bringing me my cuppa every morning. 
  • +Law & Order re-runs, priceless to me for their relaxing properties.  A glass of good wine and an L&O is all it takes to put me in a good state of mind.
  • +My writer’s group–inspirational and motivating.
  • +My dogs.  I bitch about them, but I love ’em.
  • +Mascara.  With enough mascara, I can convince anyone that I am awake when in actuality, I am walking around fully asleep.

This list is extremely, absurdly incomprehensive.  There are somewhere around 3 gazillion other things I am grateful for this Thanksgiving.  Alas:

Thank you, for reading this.