Modern culture, redux.

I read that O.J. “the Juice” Simpson has written and sold (!) a book of (supposed) fiction about how he would have killed his wife, had he done it (ha ha).

I won’t be buying this book, nor even perusing it in the bookstore aisles.  This is not just in bad taste…it’s revolting.  Is there really anyone who believes he is innocent of the crime of murder?  How has this become our entertainment?  There are only so many minutes in the day–I cannot fathom spending one of them reading this book.

My recommendation: pass.

2 thoughts on “Modern culture, redux.

  1. Thanks for stopping by my blog and commenting 🙂

    I agree with you about this. A co-worker told me about this book yesterday and I couldn’t believe it. This guy has to be nuts to write this book.

    They always say that criminals return to the scene of the crime…


  2. Whaaaaaat? That guy is nuts. For someone who didn’t want all the publicity during the trial, he sure is using it to get some now. He’s so trashy, it’s disgusting. I can’t stand him.


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