Some serious stuff.

I’m an adult, right?  I mean, I’m married, I’ve created human beings, I can drive, vote, do all the stuff that adults do.  But I have a fascination with some childish, teenager-ish stuff.  I kind of think we all have a guilty pleasure we should have grown out of, so I’m going to fess up and admit mine.  My guilty, age-inappropriate curiosity is about…

Celebrity Divorces!

Isn’t that bizarre?  And immature?  Yes to both.  But, for whatever reasons, I’m really interested in why Britney Spears is divorcing Kevin Federline.  Why is Whitney Houston leaving Bobby?  And, who can believe that dream couple Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe are falling apart?  Who cheated???  Who has a drug problem???  WHY are they blowing apart the public marital fantasy?!!!

Ok.  So I admit that I read and submit myself to that kind of trash.  No, I don’t buy the Enquirer, but I do love to occassionally grab a copy while I’m waiting in line at the grocery.  I don’t know Brad Pitt or Jennifer Anistorn, but I was really sorry for them that it didn’t work out.  I found myself asking, am I on Team Aniston or Team Jolie?  Am I alone here, or do you have opinions about people you’ve never met, will never meet…actually don’t want to meet? 

Okay, now that I’ve admitted my deep dark secret to the world, I’ve gotta go.  I’ve got some intellectual, serious things to do. 

One thought on “Some serious stuff.

  1. I am so with you on this one. When Reese & Ryan broke up I wondered why so much….same with Sara Evans. I really hate when people give up or whatever after so many years. It’s like a reminder that you can never really exhale and let yourself relax. You always have to work at marriage. Now I know that is so stupid at the same time because they are just celebrity weirdos and they say nothing about my marriage but you can’t help but think about it. Now as for Brit…In one way I am happy because he is such a douchebag! But on the other hand it’s sad because if people would have kept their mouths shut would they still be together? God this is such a guilty pleasure.


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