November Ramp Up.

We all know by now that next Tuesday, November 7, is election day.  Whether you fall in the Red or the Blue…right or left, I’ve just got to ask, aren’t you tired of the campaigning?  The signs, the mailers–THE GAZILLION PHONE CALLS!

We received three recorded phone calls yesterday–automated voices urging us to vote one way or the other.  I’m perfectly capable of reading my information packet that arrives in October, I don’t need the President of the Nurses Association of California or the Chair of California’s Tax Board calling me to tell me who and what to vote for.  I’d like, instead, to be left to my own devices…to figure it out for myself…and more importantly, to make and eat dinner with my family without the phone ringing and irritating me.

Could it be that these phone calls are meant to discourage voter turn out?  I mean, they are so off-putting that I have to wonder if the campaigns of the opponents are calling on behalf of the other guy.  I mean, the perverse part of my nature responds to these calls as follows:

Recorded voice:  On November 7th, remember that Prop whatever is a TAX TRAP!  The Firemen’s Association of California calls this Proposition a REAL DISASTER FOR OUR STATE!!!  Vote NO on Prop  whatever!

Me:  Shut up.  STOP CALLING ME!  Just for annoying me–I might vote YES!

I know–very immature reaction on my part.  What can I say? It just brings out the worst in me.