Autumn in the Air.

November 1, 2006

Autumn is in full swing.  You can feel the change in the air today, the day after Halloween.  My son’s Thomas the Train costume will be packed away in case his brother wants to wear it next year, I’ll throw away the used candles from the Jack O’Lanterns…I guess I’ll toss the pumpkins, too. 

So, that leaves the candy.  Tons of candy.  I’m thinking my son’s booty from last night is going to live in the freezer–we can pull one piece out at a time. 

The Holiday Season is now officially under way–Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years…now that Halloween is over, the clock starts ticking for me to purchase Christmas cards, think about what I’ll make for Thanksgiving, etc., etc., etc.  I clearly remember putting away the holiday decorations from last year–can it really be time to pull them all out again?

The days just fly.

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