Huh, that’s ironic.

It’s a Friday night, which usually doesn’t mean a whole lot in our household.  Yep, gone are the days of the Friday Night weekend kick-off, that being a rally cry of “woo hoo! bring on the margaritas!”  No, nowadays, it’s “honey, let’s take the kidlets out for pizza and, maybe spring for an ice cream cone afterwards.”  If we’re feeling really festive, we call around to invite friends who are kid-friendly or who themselves have children.

But not tonight! No, sir.  Tonight we have that wonderful, elusive and rare thing: the babysitter.  I set this up a week ago.  I’ve anticipated it all week.  Get the margarita mix ready, baby…we’ve got a sitter lined up! 

Except now it’s Friday night.  I’ve got to go get my diaper bag all stocked for the sitter, and really, I’m tired and I don’t so much feel like going out.  I don’t feel like changing out of my yucky shirt and jeans for attire appropriate for a restaurant a step up above IHOP.  I don’t really feel like doing a whole lot, in fact.  So I ask myself, what do I feel like we should do tonight?  What sounds good?

Honestly, pizza and an ice cream cone.  Ironic.

One thought on “Huh, that’s ironic.

  1. – June’s evil friend –

    Your blog reminded me of all the friends that I have with kids who often over look me as a possible “night-out’ buddy because I dont have children…as if!

    I can be patient while you fidget to adjust a car seat…I can keep my cool during temper tantrums because someone else got the biggest slice of pizza…I can even help with packing a diaper bag, wiping a runny nose, even playing peek-a-boo with no end in site, heck, me and my fiance once volunteered to spend the day at Marine World w/ a group of 8 year old boys! – yes we single or coupled w/ no kids people are perfectly capable of managing relationships with those whose lifestyles and time schedules may revolve around children…at least when given the chance.

    I will admit its take more effort on both parts. One of my closest friends and I used to joke…that there were certain days when she had to play June Cleaver and I just could not have her time. When I called (unknowingly) on these nights to ask for her time…I was refered to as June’s evil friend – tempting her away from her motherly duties. Nothing could be further from the truth. My Friday nights are not all about Margaritas and nightclubs…so the next time you do decide to venture out and are looking for a friend to call and join you…try your single friends as well, they may just surprise you!

    No I did not miss the whole point of the blog…just adding my 2 cents. ciao – Debbee


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