December 28, 2009

That wasn’t her type of thing and that certainly wasn’t her type of person. New Year’s Resolution #14: Listen to her instincts.

Merry Christmas.

December 25, 2009

Christ is born.
In all aridity, despair, hopelessness…Christ sees us every moment. I pin my faith on that. Whatever breaks our hearts cannot undo that faith.

Missing your love
with God’s so
close at hand.
It seems somehow
a sacrilege
but I think
God understands.*

* Thank you, Peter M.

“Just remember that you allow others to define who you are; that’s a choice. You get to determine who defines who you are, and remember you can choose that. I hope it will be you. But if it’s not you, I hope it’s someone like me. I love you.”

Thank you.


December 18, 2009

He was sharp, a paring knife. Slicing through the weakest point of the heel, through flesh. Into bone, splicing the cartilage, into shortcomings, flaws, inadequacies, errors, faults, failings, deficiencies, insufficiencies, weaknesses, limitations.

Knowing him was like taking a boot off, rolling the sock down, and exposing the pink flesh of the heel. Here, right here. Draw your edge right along this delicate bone. Nick at the soft underflesh.

(Limping to the drugstore. Need bandages.)