So we just got back from Maui.  Totally gorge. 

I can think of nothing, really nothing, as welcome as lazing by a pool, with the ocean next door, with nothing to do except keep an eye out on the kids.   Oh, and napping! And cocktails, too, of course.  I want to say that I am totally reinvigorated…ready to start writing, full of energy for putting pen to paper and creating.  But I’d be lying, big time.

See, strolling about in the sun really just makes me want to do more of it, more relaxing, more indulging.  Writing is hard work, as you all probably know.  I’ve got to get back to it, but for today…I’m just going to bask in the residual glow of my vacation.  Ahhhhhh.

So I’m thinking I’ll take a wee break from blogging.  Say, a couple of weeks.

Rest assured, you vast sea of readers you, that I will be back soon!

Give me fevah!

May 7, 2007

I just had a conversation with a writer, someone who has actually written (and published!) books.  Just talking with someone who has birthed a book, from beginning to end, from screen to bound copy, gives me a dose of much-needed energy for writing.

Energy for writing is one of those things one has to engineer at times.  Like cardio, the more you do it, the better your body is able to do it.  Writing is like that: the more you write, the more you have the energy, ability, creativity, desire, time, dedication to do more of it.

So, for myself, I reiterate the mantra: keep writing, keep writing, keep writing.  If this mantra appeals to you, well…I highly recommend repeating it to yourself.  Get some energy and write!


May 4, 2007

So this is a departure from my usual. Most of you know I write about writing, or about parenting.  But…here’s another side of me.

I’m going to make a sweeping generalization and guess that many of the visitors to this site, who happen to be male, will want to stop reading right about


See, this post is going to be all about…da da dum da…cosmetics. If you are one of those amazing women (and I secretly admire you if you are) that cares not a bit about the wonderful world of face paint, you’ll want to stop reading now, too.

Okay, so that leaves the rest of us…those who are interested, or who (like me) are fascinated with the idea of transformation via lipstick, a smudge of color placed smartly on the eye or the cheek, lashes fanned out in thick black mascara, a bit or razzle dazzle sparkle pretty pretty…oh make me stop or I’ll just carry on.

Get it? I love, make that lurve, cosmetics. I love to play with palates of color and with the illusion of good skin, bright eyes, a pouty mouth. For those who are interested, check out my cosmetics reviews at:

These are my reviews of various cosmetics, and I love the site If you are (even remotely) interested in makeup…check out this site.