My three year-old has come up with quite a few interesting phrases recently.  I realize, of course, that he’s parroting back to me things my husband and I say.  But there are a couple humdingers that he’s picked up from other kids.

So here I am, mid-thirties, already lecturing about having a sassy mouth.  I’ve refrained (barely) from shouting, “Don’t you sass me!” and “Don’t get fresh with me!”  But I have resorted to saying, “child, we don’t say that in our house.”

His response?

“Hey lady, re-lax!”

I’m not kidding.

5 thoughts on “Sass.

  1. My three year old daughter’s conversations tend to revolve around doing things that “mommy does.”

    When my daughter found out that she wasn’t a mommy, she became upset. My wife explained that she needed to get married first THEN she could be a mommy.

    My daughter is waiting until we see friends who have a 3 year old son. Then, she’s going to “pop the question.”

    My guess is that if I had to pay for a wedding now that I could save all sorts of money. Having the rehearsal dinner AND the reception at McDonald’s, plus the open bar would only be juice and soda….I’d be set.



  2. That made me laugh out loud! I have an 18 month old son and he is learning words at a fantastic speed right now…

    Nice writing you have here (I actually lingered here a while)!

    (And we have the same template…)

    also writing about writing


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