I’ve joined a writing group.  Six aspiring writers meet every two weeks to read aloud their work and critique one another’s work.  Very fulfilling and nerve-wracking, both.  I found my voice shaking a bit as I read aloud to the group.  They were so kind afterwards, proverbially gentle.  I went away inspired, challenged, ready to take on more. I think I’ve found my groove thing.

A boy is baptized.

October 19, 2006

APB is baptized.

So my youngest child Aaron (7 months) was baptized last weekend.  How moving it is for this mom to see her child taken into the arms of a church and godparents…to hear my husband and others make a vow to set this little soul on a righteous path.  Moving, indeed.  Aaron’s older brother Gregory enjoyed the service, too…running up and down the aisles and creating general mayhem.  A memorable day for all.

Oh, I do love a cup of tea.

October 19, 2006

So I just finished reading The Tea Rose by Jennifer Donnelly.  While a light read, I found it fun and delightful.  Borrow this one from me if you know me, or buy it on Amazon if you don’t.  The book is set in Whitechapel, London during the height of the terror of Jack the Ripper. 

The main character is a hearty, phoenix-like woman named Fiona…she traverses the slums of London to the grandeur of New York, a real rags-to-riches triumph.  Great details regarding the making and packaging of tea, and I could easily envision the grime and poverty of Dickensian London.  Do sit with a cup of Darjeeling or your favorite black, and enjoy this read.

So I like some books…

October 19, 2006

I read a lot.  It’s how I maintain the proverbial “me time” in a life gone crazy with mommydom and juggling.  So, it thrills me when I read something great, and it angers me a bit to read material that’s been published that is less than great.  I decided to jump on the blogging bandwagon by reviewing the books I read and here to do it with me:  Mary, Book Reviewer.  If you read this, you probably don’t have enough to do.  But, it amuses me to write about written stuff, so I’m just going keep a log of what I’m reading.  Let’s go.

Just finished Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet.  I bought this book on it’s merits, namely the hundreds of rave reviews it’s received on Amazon.  Set in 12th century England, the book centers on the building of a cathedral, the Roman Catholic church, and a half dozen key characters.  I know I’m in the solid minority here, but I found the book plodding…the details were dull, I couldn’t pictures England in the 1100’s even by the 950th page.  Really didn’t live up to the hype for me.  If you are into architecture, or loved the Da Vinci code (and believe the Catholic church is a mess), you may like this book.  Or you may not, if you like architecture, loved the Da Vinci code, and actually like decent writing.  My recommendation:  pass on this one.